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How to Escape a Job That Sucks: Vuja Dé It


How to use Vuja De to resurrect your careerI usually dread laundry weekends (who doesn’t?), but today I was totally PSYCHED … because I cracked open The Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World by Adam Grant while my laundry did its thang.

(Yep, I’m old school and prefer a good ole fashioned hardcover book that I can fully immerse all my senses in. Plus, I like the smell of a newly printed book.)

And as I anxiously started skimming through the first chapter, my eyes instantaneously froze on page 7 at two words I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting before…that I knew YOU just had to meet, too:  Vuja dé.

When I read the definition, I was floored.

We all know a Déjà vu moment to be when we encounter something new, but it feels as if we’ve experienced it before, right? Well, Vuja dé is the opposite.

I like this Vuja dé definition:  A propensity for discovering something new in something you’ve already seen a million times before.

Now let’s apply this to your career.

For example. let’s say it’s Sunday night and you’ve got a strong case of the Monday Blues. You DREAD going to work tomorrow, and you’ve been on this vicious cycle every Sunday for months, or worse, years)…

BUT…in a Vuja dé moment, you see the situation with a fresh perspective, enabling you to gain new insights into how to SOLVE this problem currently wreaking havoc on your life.

And by fresh perspective I mean: seeing that  it IS possible to escape off of this self-sabotaging hamster wheel of stuckdom (flipping the status quo)…

And once you’ve flipped the status quo switch off in your mind, how do you start CREATING your new reality (a kick-ass rockin’ career that you love)?

By taking a different approach, i.e, by doing things DIFFERENTLY than you have before. After all, as we all know, if you want a different outcome, you have to take different action.

This is exactly what I live and breathe with my clients every day: helping them see their professional strengths in a NEW light that they hadn’t been able to before, helping them find and UNLEASH their unique VOICE that has been hidden for so long, and constructing a world-class personal brand and strategic action plan that AMPLIFIES their visibility, marketability and irresistability to their dream employers.

So, I challenge you:

How will you Vuja dé your career today?
Will you:

*change long-held habits?
*speak with your mentor?
*change how you manage your time?
*hire a career coach?
*something else?

YOUR ACTION: Hit me up in my Facebook Community and tell me.

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