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How to Pitch Yourself (to Employers) Like QVC

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Disclaimer:  I'm a night owl, and I love to watch TV late at night before bed. In fact, quite often, when there's nothing else on, you'll find me glued to QVC or HSN (the home shopping channels) for 10, 20, 30 minutes straight. I know what you're thinking. But NOPE, [...]

How to Escape a Job That Sucks: Vuja Dé It


I usually dread laundry weekends (who doesn't?), but today I was totally PSYCHED ... because I cracked open The Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World by Adam Grant while my laundry did its thang. (Yep, I'm old school and prefer a good ole fashioned hardcover book that I can fully immerse all my senses in. Plus, I [...]

Rockstar on the Rise – Claudia


I'm SO PROUD of my awesome clients and the amazing progress and growth they have achieved by making the commitment to investing in themselves and their careers. Meet recent Rockin' Career Graduate Claudia ... "Before working with Vicki, I was lost. Things seemed dark. Changing careers is a confusing world to me, having worked in [...]

Build Your Personal Brand & Write a Perfect Resume ~ Live Workshop Dec 10th, 2015

Build Your Personal Band Write Resume Snapshot

Sick & tired of your resume and job applications falling into the dreaded black hole? Learn how to ROCK a winning resume that gets you noticed, from inside the mind of recruiters and employers, as I lead this live workshop Dec 10th in NYC. Ticket pre-purchase required. Get details & tix here.

How to use LinkedIn as Your Marketing Power Tool: an Entrepreneur’s How-to & Headshot Event

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LinkedIn Workshop Snapshot 1 (11-12-2015 10-19 PM)

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner looking to grow your business? Wondering what you aren't already doing online that you can do to make this happen sooner vs. later? LinkedIn is the answer. Join Melissa Blemur Photography and I at Indiegrove in Jersey City, NJ November 19th as we present [...]

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