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Vicki Headshot NEWHi, Vicki Aubin, The Rockin’ Career Coach and I’m ambassador to career revolutionaries everywhere. Fusing my love of music with personal branding and career development, I help extraordinary individuals looking to reinvent themselves to unleash their inner rockstar, make a powerful first impression and do the work they were meant to do.

A successful career transitioner myself (multiple years in the music industry and over a decade in HR and Recruiting at Fortune 500 companies), I’ve seen unexpected layoffs and downsizes, temporary steps back to make huge leaps forward and everything in between. In other words, whatever you’re going through now, I’ve been there too.

When I’m not in career coach mode, you can find me rockin’ out to pilates or pirouettes at the gym, jammin’ on the drums or groovin’ to my eclectic 80’s & ­90’s music collection.

My Approach

The way in which you market yourself in today’s job market has drastically changed. Having been in HR and recruiting across multiple industries and decades, I’ve witnessed these changes first­-hand, and in turn, I know what makes a true ROCKSTAR CANDIDATE.

Rockstar Candidates know know to capture and hold the attention of their target employers at first impression powerfully and cohesively across multiple dimensions (online and off, verbal and written communication, presence and confidence).  And for career transitioners especially, this is CRITICAL.

This isn’t something you can master in an hour, in one session or overnight. It takes extraordinary effort, comprised of unwavering consistency, commitment, focus, flexibility, patience and good ole’ hard work (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!). And THIS is the key to moving your career and life forward in the direction you desire.

That’s why I offer comprehensive personal branding/coaching service ‘suites’ that provide you with necessary knowledge, skills, guidance and training that ensure that all the crucial components of your career transition strategy are effective and working together as cohesive as possible, to best position you for the results you desire.

As Seen In

I am thrilled to have appeared as a guest blogger, speaker, mock interviewer and webinar host for several popular career websites, media outlets and organizations like LinkedIn, FindSpark, Puttylike, SheNOW, WisdomTimes, NY Career Meetup, New York University, Rutgers University, The Flatiron School and more.

Select Press Features:

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Award-Winning Career Advice from Justin Timberlake – SheNOW
The Top 5 Traits of an Ideal interviewee: Reduce Risk in Your Job Search – What’s For Work
Four Reason You Didn’t Get the Job & What to Do About It – The Careerists

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If all this resonates with you, and you are AMP’d to kick­start your dream career with me as your personal partner in crime, then schedule a Career Transition Consultation so we can get acquainted and kick-­start your dream career yesterday. Let’s ROCK! [/accordion-item]

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