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“Careers Reinvented” Interview & Q+A with Guest Nirmiti C. July 20th


Aching to reinvent your career but intimidated by just thinking about it?   Join me on July 20th at 1PM EST, as I go backstage with career change rockstar Nirmiti C. This is a VIP, inside look at how to change careers, from one career transitioner to another. Nirmiti will be sharing [...]

“Careers Reinvented” Live Video Interview Series with Special Guest Zach Nelson March 9th


What does it take to reinvent your career?   Watch the replay of my interview with Special Guest Zach Nelson, on the launch of my new lunchtime @Blab #interview series "Careers Reinvented": interviews with career revolutionaries. Zach successfully transitioned from political campaign management to inbound digital marketing. Watch the replay to hear his [...]

Going from freelancer to 9to5: the crucial first step


Not sure how to communicate your freelance or solopreneur experience to transition back to the traditional job world? In this career video, Vicki reveals the first crucial step that will help you develop a powerful personal brand, position yourself strong, blast past the competition and rock a successful career transition. Watch and subscribe here to make [...]

Career Relocation? Bombdiggity! (…But not before you do THIS…)


Ready to ROCK a big career relocation, but feeling intimidated and not sure where to start? In this week's AMP'd! Career TV, Vicki reveals the top 3 steps you need to start taking NOW to strategically plan, position yourself strong and ROCK a successful career relocation (without going batty!). Watch and [...]

Why your LinkedIn Netiquette is Whack (& Not All That)


In this episode of AMP'd! Career TV:  Is your LinkedIn 'netiquette' in-check or are you inadvertently turning off valuable new networking connections without realizing it? I reveal the mega mistake that most job seekers are making and how to reverse it. Watch and subscribe here to make you sure get each episode delivered (presto!) [...]


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