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Must Read: LEAVE YOUR MARK by Aliza Licht


LEAVE YOUR MARK Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media. Author: Aliza Licht Publisher: Grand Central Publishing/Hachette Book Group If you’re committed to doing whatever it takes to rock the career of your dreams, Aliza Licht wants to set the record straight: Zombies need not apply. [...]

Why your LinkedIn Netiquette is Whack (& Not All That)


In this episode of AMP'd! Career TV:  Is your LinkedIn 'netiquette' in-check or are you inadvertently turning off valuable new networking connections without realizing it? I reveal the mega mistake that most job seekers are making and how to reverse it. Watch and subscribe here to make you sure get each episode delivered (presto!) [...]

The 5 Most Powerful Things you Can Do on LinkedIn You Never Knew


Do you see LinkedIn as mainly “a place to keep my online resume”….or maybe “connect with some professional colleagues and acquaintances I already know from time to time,” because you think, “there’s such a buzz on LinkedIn, and everyone else I know is on there…so I guess I should be, [...]

Don’t be an Ediot: 3 Ways You’re Crushing Your Credibility on LinkedIn


"Oh, Look! Got a live one in the 'net! (pun intended). Heave! Ho! Oh wait, it's an ediot? Ah, well, won't fetch much market value...dump it overboard...in 3-2-1!" This is the last thing you want a recruiter or potential connection to think during their first impression of you on LinkedIn...especially given that [...]

LinkedIn ‘Charm School’: The #1 Secret to Getting More Connections


Sending someone a "Connect" invite on LinkedIn? Chances are they have very little time to check their LinkedIn “Connection” Requests (they likely have many of them), and if they don’t THINK they know you, don’t remember you, or don’t immediately see the relevance to connecting with you, they may very [...]

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