Attention: Career revolutionaries looking to reinvent themselves!

Are you...

*an ambitious, passion-driven, intelligent optimist who marches to the beat of your own drum?
*a distraught cubicle dweller, ready to escape the rat race and redefine success on your own terms?
*re-entering the workforce in a new career that is authentically you and matches your deepest ideals/priorities?
*an NYC transplantee, looking to relaunch & reinvent yourself fresh in the greatest city in the world?

Chances are, if you’re any of these, you’re feeling like a fish out of water.

*You know exactly what your true calling is, but you’re terrified by the whole career transition process.
*Your transferable skills? You have no idea what they are or how to showcase them so they attract employers to you.
*Your transition attempts so far have yielded little to no results and you feel self-doubt, demoralized and hopeless.

But most importantly, you ARE 100% clear that:

*You are sick of the status quo, ready to make yourself and your career a priority and raise the quality of your life.
*You are ready to unleash the real you and reinvent yourself as the kick-ass ROCKSTAR you have the potential to be.
*You’re a gutsy, determined, action-oriented individual who doesn’t back down without a fight.

Most of all, you are ready to unlock your awesomeness, take major action and make a serious, results-oriented investment in your personal and professional development that will move you forward in your life (Yeow!)

You and I have got to get to know each other!

I’m Vicki Aubin – The Rockin’ Career Coach and I help extraordinary individuals like you who are looking to break out of their shell and make a transformative career change to unleash their inner rockstar, make a powerful first impression and do the work they were meant to do.

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  • I’d like to give a BIG shout-out to the Rockin’ Career Coach for helping me change career paths and land an AWESOME job.  For years I had struggled to convey to potential employers how my political experience translated into public relations and marketing savvy.  Vicki’s knowledge of the hiring process, her coaching abilities and her sincere interest in helping me succeed set her apart from the rest of the pack.

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  • Working with Vicki was the best decision and investment I have made in my career thus far. I have big plans and big dreams about where I should be headed but didn’t know how to put years of experience and skills to help me get there. Her Personal Brand Power Jam helped clarify the strengths I have, but also put it in a concise package that made sense to me and my future employers.

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