Attention: Aspiring Career Transitioners!

Are you an aspiring career rockstar stuck in a muzak world?

You are if…

  • You feel stuck in a stagnant, robotic, boring, uninspiring job that’s devoid of passion or fulfillment.
  • You feel like you’re running aimlessly in a hamster wheel at work, with your incredible talents, intelligence and potential not being recognized or appreciated.
  • You’re 1000% FED UP and ready to BUST out, break free from cookie-cutter ‘cubicle hell’, UNLEASH the REAL you and reinvent yourself as the kick-ass ROCKSTAR that you know you have the potential to be and contribute to the world.
  • You’re overwhelmed and perhaps even terrified by the whole career transition process, and unsure just HOW to plan your search strategy, focus your efforts, market yourself right, and attract recruiters and potential employers TO you.

Needless to say, that’s totally NOT rockin’.
NOW, consider for a moment just how would your life be different if you had of a career you totally LOVE?

How about: job fulfillment=greater productivity=you kick-ass=faster advancement=higher salary= recognition=confidence that trickles down to ALL areas of your life? Yeow! Yes!

The GREAT news is that you don’t have to try and figure how to orchestrate this extraordinary transformation all on your own.

I’m Vicki Aubin– The Rockin’ Career Coach and you can think of me as your career transition co-pilot.  I help passion-driven professionals like you who are suffering in a ‘cubicle’ (or a job that’s NOT a fit for you and all your greatest passions, skills and talents) to unleash their your rockstar, excavate and market your juiciest talents and fast-track your escape to a kick-ass career that makes you come ALIVE.

And truth be told, all the passion in the world is useless if:

  • Potential employers and recruiters don’t know about you (you’re aren’t VISIBLE to them).
  • You don’t what makes you unique and DISTINGUISHABLE (your Unique Selling Proposition).
  • You’re not taking focused, strategically TARGETED steps and actions to move forward .

Why? Because recruiters and headhunters don’t have the TIME to consider candidates who aren’t already 100% POLISHED, ROCKIN’ AND READY TO GO, yesterday.  They’re like bouncers, controlling the red velvet rope of that highly coveted VIP club (job) that you desire. If you aren’t up to their standards, you won’t get in, regardless of how much you tell them you want or need the job.

So if you’re ready to embark on a big, juicy, extraordinary career transformation, then I’m your gal.

With over a decade in Human Resources and Recruiting (and as a successful career transitioner myself), I offer smart, savvy strategies for a successful career transition that nobody ever taught you.  In other words, I’m the transition co-pilot and market communications specialist  you need to:

  • Appear POLISHED, IMPACTFUL and IRRESISTIBLE to recruiters and employers.
  • Position yourself STRONG to stand out in a highly competitive market.
  • AMPLIFY your professional image, appeal and value 180 degrees.
  • Understand how employers think and assess you, how to ‘speak their language’ and WOW ‘em.
  • Catapult your confidence and ability to articulate your strongest transferable skills and selling points.
  • Save yourself time, energy, effort and stress in mistakes.

Because you only have ONE chance to make that first impression…so make it COUNT.
Here’s how…