Attention: Extraordinary individuals suffering in (ordinary) ‘Cubicle Hell’!

Does any of this sound like you?

  • Are you stuck in a stagnant, robotic, repressive, deflating, uninspiring job that’s completely sucking your soul and identity dry (work-life bala-haha!)?
  • Do you feel like a minion in a nation of minions, running aimlessly in a hamster wheel that’s going nowhere, because of corporate b.s., politics, nepotism, etc.?
  • Do you spiral into a major, depressive, anxiety-ridden FUNK every Sunday evening (aka the “Sunday Blues”) because you absolutely DREAD going to work Monday morning (or every morning!)?
  • Do you feel close to burnout and no longer recognize the person in the mirror staring back at you?

I was once on your shoes. For real. And I can help…

Transitioning to a brand new role or industry can be overwhelming and confusing, especially if you’re going it alone. How do you assess your best, strongest, and juiciest transferable skills and talents, and articulate them successfully inside and out, so that employers are willing to take a risk on you?

That’s where I come in.

Hi I’m Vicki Aubin– The Rockin’ Career Coach. With over a decade in Human Resources and Recruiting, I offer smart, savvy strategies for a kick-ass career nobody ever taught you.

If you’re anything like me, you were born a passion and purpose-fueled renegade, who was determined to define success and live life on your own terms.  You’re by nature incredibly intelligent, perceptive, insightful and intuitive, and as a stubborn determinist, you KNOW that living life with integrity is the ONLY way to be.  Believing in what you’re doing is KEY to your existence, and when you put your mind to anything, look out! You are a total ROCKSTAR.

So what happened??

You enthusiastically blasted off your career knowing EXACTLY what you wanted to do (and you maybe even DID start on a direct path to the dream job you very clearly envisioned). But somewhere along the way, you inadvertently veered off the path from where you were initially headed.  And this happened because:

  • An unexpected challenge or circumstance en route to your dream career threw you for a loop, and spooked you from moving forward (“it shouldn’t be this hard”)
  • You decided to just get a typical, steady job with a clearly defined /pre-determined path of mobility and income, because hey, you gotta pay the bills!

YET, despite trying to do things the right, smart and logical way, you’ve realized that all these approaches (ordinary) are NOT for you (because you‘re kick-ass, one of a kind, EXTRAORDINARY) …and because you’ve tried to force or push yourself through it, it’s made it even WORSE…and now you’re  completely miserable and suffocating!

Is there a way out?

Hell YEAH, there is. It’s called a Cubicle Detox Jam Session!

If you’re aching to BUST OUT and transition to the kick-ass career of your dreams, but aren’t exactly sure HOW, then it’s time for us to chat.

Schedule your Cubicle Detox Jam Session with me HERE now.