Attention: Passion and purpose-fueled renegades suffering in ‘Cubicle Hell’!

Are you an aspiring career rockstar stuck in a muzak world?

Let’s find out and see. Do any of these sound like you?

  • Do you feel trapped/stuck in a stagnant, robotic, boring, uninspiring job that’s completely sucking your soul and identity dry (never mind your health, well-being or social life)?
  • Do you feel like you’re running aimlessly in a hamster wheel at the office that’s going nowhere (and your incredible talents, intelligence and potential not being recognized, used or appreciated)?
  • Do you spiral into major “Sunday Blues” every week because you absolutely DREAD going to work Monday morning (and every morning, for that matter!)?
  • Are you 1000% tired, FED UP and ready to BURST out of your shell, break free from cookie-cutter ‘cubicle hell’, and reinvent yourself as the kick-ass individual and ROCKSTAR that you know you have the potential to be and contribute to the world?
  • Are you overwhelmed and perhaps even terrified by the whole job search process, and unsure just HOW to plan your transition, focus your efforts, market yourself right, and take that big leap?

The GREAT NEWS is that you don’t have to do it alone.

I was once on your shoes. For real. And I can help.

I’m Vicki Aubin– The Rockin’ Career Coach and I help extraordinary individuals from all walks of life who are suffering in a ‘cubicle’ to unleash their inner rockstar, excavate their juiciest, most marketable talents and transition to a kick-ass career that makes them come ALIVE.

With over a decade in Human Resources and Recruiting, I offer smart, savvy strategies for your job search that nobody ever taught you. In other words, I’m your personal pr + reinvention + job transition + resume + cover letter + LinkedIn strategist + bungee cord + dose of redbull +rocketfuel + partner in crime all-in-one you’ve have been waiting for. No joke.

I help put the UNIQUE in you, in how you market, articulate and present yourself to potential employers, setting you up for success to:

  • Position yourself STRONG to stand out in a highly competitive market.
  • AMPLIFY your professional image, appeal and value 180 degrees.
  • Understand how employers think and assess you, how to ‘speak their language’ and WOW ‘em.
  • Catapult your confidence and ability to articulate your strongest transferable skills and selling points.
  • Save yourself time, energy, effort and stress in mistakes.

Because you only have ONE chance to make that first impression…so make it COUNT.

So let’s cut right to the chase…

  • You don’t want to move from one crappy job to the next.
  • You don’t want to make a hasty job move, only to have ‘buyer’s remorse’ shortly after you’ve started.
  • You don’t want to find just any job.

Hell, I don’t want any of these for you either! I want you to find the job; the kick-ass job that blends your juiciest talents and skills with your passions; the job that makes you come ALIVE; the job that feels like a guilty PLEASURE.

How will your life be different because of a job you love?

(Job fulfillment=greater productivity=you kick-ass=faster advancement=higher salary= recognition=confidence that trickles down to ALL areas of your life!)

AMPED yet?

Want to know more about how I can help you crank up the volume, get underneath the radar of your ideal employers and fast-track your job transition like nobody’s business?

Jump here to learn all this, plus how I work with clients, how to apply to become a client, and get answers to your FAQ’s.

Read about my rockstar clients’ success stories, in their own words, right here.

And once you’re done with both and ready to move forward, get your front row seat to the life you were meant to lead, schedule a Cubicle Detox Jam Session (30-minute introductory level conversation/strategy session), so we can get acquainted and talk more about what’s possible.

(Pssst! The longer you wait, the longer you struggle and stay stuck where you are right now.)

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