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How to Pitch Yourself (to Employers) Like QVC

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How to Pitch Yourself to Employers

Disclaimer:  I’m a night owl, and I love to watch TV late at night before bed.

In fact, quite often, when there’s nothing else on, you’ll find me glued to QVC or HSN (the home shopping channels) for 10, 20, 30 minutes straight.

I know what you’re thinking. But NOPE, I’m not a tv shopping fanatic. In fact, I never buy anything…but  I can’t stay away from these channels!

So WHY the heck not?

Simply put, because I’m a word nerd….and I’m FASCINATED with how QVC uses words to (successfully) market and pitch products.

Have you ever noticed how QVC can turn a seemingly simple, ordinary (and sometimes extremely odd!), product into a unique, highly desirable one, with  intricate and delectable features and benefits that people just can’t seem to live without?

They are masters at this, in fact…so, just HOW do they do it so successfully?
By speaking the language of their audience:

*By knowing who their target audience is for each product they pitch.
*By knowing what is importance to this audience.
*By enthusiastically communicating (and demonstrating) how said product will meet that importance
(speaking their audience’s LANGUAGE).

And this is how QVC can teach you to powerfully pitch yourself to employers…

In essence, in your job search, you are in fact marketing yourself (and your rich ‘portfolio’ of professional experience, knowledge, skills and strengths) to employers, just as QVC markets (pitches) its products to consumers.

In other words, who are your target employers and recruiters? What are their challenges, needs, wants and desires of a ROCKSTAR candidate?

THIS is how you need to start thinking (and applying) how you market (pitch) yourself to them…throughout your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, networking and interviewing activities and everything in between.

And especially when you’re looking to reinvent yourself in a new career and make a big transition, knowing and speaking the language of your target audience (employers and recruiters) is CRITICAL to being able to powerfully DISTINGUISH yourself and stand out in a sea of candidates.

So when we talk about how to avoid the dreaded ‘resume black hole’ or turn a job interview into a job OFFER, this is the mindset and foundational strategy you must use as your guide to set you up for success.


1) Take 15-30 minutes in the next day to  watch QVC or HSN* and OBSERVE them pitching one product, live in action, taking note of :  who is their intended audience, and what’s important to them, based on the way the product is described and presented?

2) Pop on over to this discussion in my Facebook community and share:
*What one product you observed them pitching
*What you learned from watching (an a-ha moment? surprise?)
*What’s the #1 thing you will adjust in how you are marketing yourself to employers, starting today?

[But wait: What if you know you need professional help in polishing (and communicating) your pitch? I live and breathe helping people find their voice and successfully speak the language of their dream employers every day. Hit me up and let’s chat.]

*I do not endorse or represent QVC or HSN in any way or vice versa.

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  • Nissar Ahamed October 13, 2016, 3:58 am

    Vicki, this is an interesting analogy. But it makes total sense. Recently, I was in an interview situation, and I noticed that one of the reasons the hiring manager liked me – is because my pitch/message resonated with them and their culture.

    Ofcourse, I did some homework, bt speaking to others in the company, and reading reviews on Glassdoor. But you are totally correct – A job interview is like a pitch.

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